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September 11th

Welcome to the Official Satori Dharma Hawai'i Site.
Our educational program is based in Honolulu, Hawai'i and we are a Buddhist group that is in compliance with Hawaii Revised Statutes 302A-1132. According to Hawaii Admin. Rules, 8-12-1, et seq. While often described as American Buddhists, Satori Dharma Hawai'i embraces all sects of Buddhism and dharma travelers. We welcome others from different religions and backgrounds in an ecumenical spirit to promote education and celebrate the beauty of life and learning.

The program follows national education standards by maintaining a balanced curricula: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health & Guidance, Dharma Studies, and SAT prep-study skills. Furthermore, our group is structured and based on educational objectives as well as the needs of the child, cumulative and sequential, and provides a range of up-to-date knowledge and needed skills.

Satori is a Japanese word that roughly translates into "individual enlightenment." The Chinese refer to it as "Wu." Satori can also be described as a flash of awareness. Traditional ways of acquiring satori have been through meditation, introspection, and through the use of koans or "riddles." Some people achieve satori through dialogue much like how Greek philosophers analyzed and discussed life through lectures and inquiry with students and peers. Our students are encouraged to achieve satori through the combined efforts of daily action, relating to others, meditation practice, and inquiry into the nature of people. There is neither a right nor wrong way to acquire satori. You can neither force it nor deny it by way of the Socratic method or from cup of green tea. It simply is a profound personal experience that moves a person towards freedom.

Dharma refers to the teaching of Buddhism. We believe that we exist because of others and this points out to us that the nature of life is based on interdependence of all living things.

Our Site Updates
Tour our E-classes by clicking the Visit link below. We have added new lesson material and Buddhism overviews in our Dharma Class to promote further understanding and study. Our IT Resources Page also has updated links and information on protecting children online.

Our Mission.
Our mission is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our students for life's challenges and the demands of a technological world while guiding them to a better understanding of dharma and appreciation of Buddhism. The school motto is "Cultivating Insight Into The Nature Of Things As They Are."

Our educational program also supports Students For A Free Tibet,, and all legitimate causes and organizations-affiliations which advocate Tibetan freedom and peaceful protest against the People's Republic of China which illegally occupies Tibet.

Contact Us!
Please visit our guestbook and feel free to leave comments, ideas, opinions, and/or suggestions. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions on Buddhism, education, and other guest inquiries.

Tibetan Prayer Wheel
"Because the Chinese Government strictly controls access to and information about Tibet, the scope of human rights abuses cannot be precisely determined. However, according to credible reports, during 1996 Chinese government authorities continued to commit widespread human rights abuses in Tibet, including instances of death in detention, torture, arbitrary arrest, detention without public trial, long detention of Tibetan nationalists for peacefully expressing their religious and political views, and intensified controls on religion and on freedom of speech and the press, particularly for ethnic Tibetans."
- 1996 State Department report on human rights in China.

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